Een van mijn twee Engelstalige gedichten; deze schreef ik circa 2000-2002, ik weet het nu niet precies, het vervolg – ‘What love came to’ – schreef ik in november 2013.

A love

My eyes did float
as I first saw the world –
as ours, I mean, my love.
Since, I tell with pride,
my hands held only atoms,
or should I say: the days?
However, kind of strange it was
that green turned to be gray.
Well, then our lives did rule if ever
man in woman were to raise.
And if it might be, sincerely,
that only we were thought by me:
I still love this world of things to bare,
and suppose that there is none.
Yet, until this day it’s strange
that all the green went gray.
And drift we do at least into,
well, at least out of my eyes,
where all the green is one, come see,
and all the words so gray, so nice.